ABC News「Sudden Acceleration Prompts Toyota Recall」から。

Critics counter the mat and gas pedal replacement won't fix the problem. They cite thousands of cases in which drivers report their floor mats didn’t touch the accelerator pedals and that their vehicles' engines simply began revving, accelerating their vehicles to, in some cases, 100 miles per hour. Many of them report they couldn't slow thevehicle down, despite pressing the brake pedal as hard as they could.
Sean Kane, Director of the firm Safetyand Research Strategies, says he has documented more than 2,000 cases of runaway Toyota and Lexus vehicles, many involving drivers who say there was no floor mat intheir car. “What concerns me is that this recall still doesn't get to the root cause of the non-floor mat sudden acceleration cases.”
Elizabeth James said her Toyota Prius suddenly accelerated to 90 miles per hour when her foot was not on the gaspedal. “I'm absolutely certain that in my situation, it was not the floor mats.”
James and other Toyota owners say they believe their accidents were caused by a glitch in their cars' computer systems. Kane sayshis research indicates complaints of runaway Toyotas shot up after 2002, whenthe company went to an all electronic throttle system with no mechanical fallback. “You can't discount the electronics, given all the reports, given all the evidence.”